Seven Hair Keratin Treatment All-In-One, Do-It-Yourself Jumbo Kit: Straight hair in just 1, 2, 3, 4... simple steps! 

Seven Hair Kit includes:

  •     Step 1. One Bottle of Keratin Treatment Purifying Shampoo 280ml
  •     Step 2. One Bottle of Keratin Treatment Hair Reconstructor 280ml
  •     Step 3. One Bottle of Daily Shampoo 280ml
  •     Step 4. One Bottle of Daily Conditioner 280ml


Also, FREE inside the kit you'll get:

  •     Seven Hair Keratin Special Comb
  •     Seven Hair Fine Tooth Tail Comb
  •     Seven Hair Tint Brush
  •     Seven Hair Keratin Applicator Bottle
  •     Pair of Gloves
  •     Plastic Cap